The Czech Village – New Bohemia Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District (CVNB SSMID) utilizes a financing mechanism to fund district-specific improvements, amenities,  and services to supplement existing municipal services. It was approved in 2016, organized in 2017, and is up for renewal in 2022.  A designated SSMID is able to levy taxes on commercial and industrial properties within the district boundary and is self-imposed and self-governing. Non-commercial, non-industrial properties are exempt from paying the assessment. These properties can voluntarily contribute to the SSMID funds or can volunteer to be assessed.

2020 Achievements

Increased Streetscape Aesthetics
  • Continued to build on current use of planters and holiday décor creating and executing timely, consistent and quality seasonal displays
  • Developed preliminary plan for new minor scale amenities such as benches, limited lighting and signage that might include parking and/or wayfinding signs
  • Discussed the potential for new major scale amenities such as gateways to the neighborhoods, bridge lighting, canopy street lighting, pocket park(s) and dog park.
  • Supported “Connect CR” bike trail linking the District to Downtown and Cedar Lake
Increased Public Art
  • Coordinated with the CVNB District to complete – in four months – a colorful and large “Mucha Meets Iowa”  mural on east side of the Novak Building and facing the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library’s clock tower in Czech Village.
Consistency in Communications and Planning
  • Continued to systemize stakeholder communications with similar frequency, content and delivery vehicles.
  • Worked with the City on the District’s master plan
  • Maintained levy rate at $1.25/$1000 assessed value

2019 Annual Report

Click below to view the 2019 Czech Village – New Bohemia SSMID Annual Report.